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We are committed to providing you with unique products to accompany you on the wonderful journey of parenthood.

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Almost 70 years of experience in the baby market. Bambino Creations has established itself as a leading Brand in Chile with now presence in the US.

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At Bambino, we establish long term and stable relationships with our suppliers, retailers, distributors, marketing and PR agencies. Each Bambino collection is exclusively developed by our own team and for each of our partner needs.


We are frequently developing new and innovative products that are designed to make parenting easier and more enjoyable. We are constantly introducing new and exciting products to our collections


360° Strategy

At Bambino Creations we have a solid omnichannel strategy, focused on boosting product sales through innovative and effective approaches. Our strategy is based on co-branding, social responsibility of the brand and sustainability of the mix. We are committed to innovation, quality and emotional connection with our customers. We are excited for the future and eager to continue to deliver exceptional products that impact the market and people’s lives.

Our presence in various communication channels is essential to reach our audience effectively. We have solidly positioned ourselves in social networks, press, television, influencers and digital magazines. We seek to create synergies and generate greater interest and connection with our clients. We are constantly engaging with our community and harnessing the power of relevant and engaging content to strengthen our brand image and reach new customers.

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